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Special thanks to Cécile and Cyril Carambat and their dairy shop Jardin des Terroirs in Lunel. They are my exclusive suppliers for my dairy cream! Cécile and Cyril have a real gift for finding the most fantastic producers, those who still make good and authentic products. At the Jardin des Terroirs, I find my dairy cream, fresh cream and fleurette cream, but also a broad range of raw milk cheese. And I use these creams and cheeses when cooking my truffles, and I brew my truffles in this fresh cream and I obtain fantastic sauces! You can find Cécile and Cyril in the covered market (Les Halles) of Lunel, every day (except Tuesday) in their dairy shop. Tel.: 04 67 83 13 28.

For fish and other sea food, I fully trust David and Valérie’s team. They always propose extra fresh fish, and a wide range of fishes from the neighboring Mediterranean. I am not ashame to say that some of them were completely unknown to me before I discovered them on their stall. Valérie gracefully responds to my cooking whims and she always makes me dream with her local recipes. So, I try! You can find David and Valérie in the covered market (Les Halles) of Lunel, every day (except Tuesday). Tel: 06 24 06 21 56 / poissondavidetvalé /

Michel, Martial, Gamondi; Comte Beaune,

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