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For passionate gastronomes who seek an

authentic culinary experience


Exceptional cooking workshops

Taste the diversity of French Truffles

For the pleasure and thrill of the discovery

For the pleasure of your senses



Truffle Latest News

Season of Burgundy Truffles is well started. The workshop too ! Great tasting program , with a few little surprises for my students ! White Italian Truffle . This is also the season for this beautiful truffle .

Find more photos on my fan page.

I created these cooking sessions to share my passion for Gourmet Food and for Truffles.


For gastronomes who love gourmet food and who wish to discover the still mysterious realm of Truffles in a spirit of openness and conviviality. 


With these exceptional workshops held in selected venues, I will share with you my knowledge and my fascination for truffle ecosystems, for truffle growing and for the culinary preparations that sublimate the Truffles, these magnificent underground mushrooms.

Autumn 2014, Château de Chamilly

In the idyllic setting of the Château de Chamilly, enjoy our Exceptional Cuisine Workshops Truffles/Wine

Autumn 2014, 1000 Truffles and Mushrooms Museum

Come and discover the Truffles’ realm while visiting this fascinating museum. You will end your visit with a special cooking lesson on the Burgundy Truffle

Autumn 2014, La Terre d'Or 

During your stay in this Luxury Guest House on the Beaune Mountain, enjoy our gourmet cuisine lessons around the Burgundy Truffle…

Truffle Worshops to come in Burgundy

Truffle Worshops to come in Languedoc

Winter 2014/2015 Exceptional Appetizer Parties

Enjoy this moment of relaxation and initiation to Truffles, from about 6 :30 pm to 8 :30 pm

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